Building Materials Every Builder Should Know About

Builders are obliged to ensure the use of energy saving materials in order to adhere to the United States Energy Building Codes to minimize carbon emissions and other toxins that can harm the environment.  According to the United States Department of Energy, EERE, buildings contribute to approximately 40 percent of all energy usage and two-thirds of electricity in the country and you can land in serious legal issues if you do not conform to required standards.  These standards set a ceiling on the amount of energy you can use, so if you are curious to know how you can do so, here are 5 energy efficient building materials you can install.

Recycled Steel  – When we think of reusing scrap, we associate it to lower quality.  Recycled steel is considered to be highly energy-efficient.  According to the Steel Recycling Institute, using recycled steel can help you save energy by as much as 75 percent, which is pretty significant.  Furthermore, recycled steel can also reduce your landfill space.

Insulating Concrete  – Although these are 6-decades old, its energy-saving uses have only begun attracting the attention of environmental experts.  These insulating concrete forms are cast-in concrete walls that are sandwiched between two layers of insulation material, according to the Portland Cement Association.  Furthermore, a 2010 report by MIT highlighted that buildings containing insulating concrete forms can lower energy usage by as much as 20 percent compared to energy used by wood-frame buildings in cold cities, such as Chicago.

Cool Roofing  – If you want to avoid the scorching heat of the summer, you would probably not wear a black t-shirt but wear a white one.  The same works with cool roofing materials, which act a lot like cool roofing materials designed to transfer less heat on the building and keeping the building a lot cooler.  In the past, the effectiveness of cool roofing materials depended heavily on the type of color you could choose, so darker colors would not be effective as opposed to lighter ones.  However, with new materials do not work in the same way.  You can choose darker surface to suit your building colors and not worry about your home getting too hot in the summer.

Low-E Windows  – Low-emissivity or low-E windows can allow you to cut back a lot of energy.  These windows have a thick metallic oxide coating, which helps to trap heat during the winter and reflect it during the summer.  Low-E windows cost a little more than standard glass windows, its energy-saving features are worth installing for long-term use.

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