If you have been on the fence about upgrading and updating your home this headline should be that last little push you need to get you moving.  Read that Slowly $2.7 Billion Dollars in rate hikes.  That is 2,700 stacks of million dollar bills that they want to take out of your pocket.  Have you ever thought about where they are going to spend that money?

As hard as this is to believe they are going to repurpose a portion of those dollars and give them right back to you in the form of rebates, special financing and home energy audits.  What that means is that by not doing anything you are telling PG&E that you don’t want your own money!

Since Top Rank Home Services is a participating Ygrene Contractor you have flexibility you just can’t imagine.  We can get you rebates and below market financing on Roofing, Concrete, HVAC, Replacement Windows, insulation, Solar Electric, Hot Water Heating and Green Landscaping.  This program gets even better with no credit, no problem, up to 20 year financing and NO PAYMENT until December 2016.  This program is going to close so the time to get on this is today!

Call us at Top Rank Home Services at 916-667-3399 or 209-251-7474 and let us show you what can be done to save you real money today and make your home cheaper to run while increasing its value at the same time.  Call us or visit www.toprankhomeservices.com