Top 6 Heating Repair Issues Found in California Homes

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As temperatures drop and winter progresses, the last thing anyone wants is to be without heat in the middle of a cold night. That’s why it’s essential that California homeowners have their heating systems properly maintained. To minimize any potential problems, it’s important to identify common repairs needed on home heating systems that crop up frequently and understand the necessary steps for addressing them.


1. The Furnace Doesn’t Turn On

The most common heating repair issue comes from a heating system that won’t turn on. This can be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat or a faulty pilot light, but it’s important to check the power source as well. Make sure your heating unit is plugged in, and its electrical switch is turned on. Consider the age of your heating system and its components, as they can also play a role in why it’s not operating correctly.


2. Strange Noises

When you turn on your heating unit, it should operate in relative silence. If you hear strange noises such as bangs, rattles, or whistles coming from the heating system, this could indicate an issue with a fan or motor belt and will require professional attention to fix.

An old heating unit may also start to make these sounds when the parts are wearing down. If this is the case, it’s important to replace the heating system as soon as possible.


3. System Short Cycling

Short cycling is when the heating unit goes through frequent cycles of turning on and off in relatively short bursts of time. This can be due to dirty air filters blocking airflow or a problem with the thermostat reading incorrect temperatures. It’s important to have a heating repair technician assess any underlying causes for short cycling, as it can reduce the heating system’s efficiency and longevity.


4. Poor Airflow

If you notice that your heating system is blowing warm air, but it doesn’t seem to be reaching certain areas of the home, then there could be a problem with the heating unit’s airflow. This is typically caused by a clogged air filter or an issue with your ductwork, such as a leak or blockage. It’s important to check for any obstructions in the heating unit, clean or change out the air filters, and have professional heating repair technicians assess any underlying issues with your ductwork.


5. Strange Smells

If you smell strange odors coming from your heating unit, this could indicate a range of issues. If the heating unit is producing a burning smell, it could be due to an electrical problem or dust buildup in the heating system. A musty smell may be caused by mold growing inside the heating unit or ductwork and should immediately be addressed by heating repair technicians.


6. Unusually High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed that your heating bills have increased significantly, then there could be something wrong with your heating system. It’s likely that if your heating system isn’t running efficiently, then it will cost more energy and money to heat up your home. To fix this issue, consider replacing any old heating equipment or having a professional assess the efficiency of your current heating system.


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