Top Home Improvement Projects For Early Winter

Winter is upon us and before you know it, you may be faced with a number of necessary yet agonizing home improvement to-dos during what should be your winter break.  More importantly, projects, such as door repair, have to be done carefully, as they might prove to be a tight fit during the summer as a result of humidity. Therefore, you need to set aside the right amount of time and focus in completing these projects successfully.

Here are the top home improvement projects in winter that every homeowner should consider.

Installing a programmable thermostat –  Programmable thermostats are highly recommended to save energy and avoid getting frustrated with high utility bills. By installing a programmable thermostat, it will automatically set the temperature according to different times of the day, which will keep your heating costs minimal.  For instance, you can program your home to be heated when you wake up in the morning, then off during the day, and then back on when you reach home in the evening. What makes this even more worthwhile is that it is an incredibly easy do-it-yourself project.

Insulating your water heater & pipes –  It’s recommended that you insulate your water heater if you really want to keep your utility bills down.  Insulating will allow your water to remain hot for a lot longer when it is not being used.  Simply buy insulation kits from any local hardware store and heat the water at 120 degrees by wrapping the heater with it.

Painting projects –  Painting projects are perhaps the most important job in the winter. The dry winter air can be extremely useful for letting the paint dry up quickly, unlike in the summer, when the humidity makes it a problem.  Also, the winter season is an off peak time for painting contractors, which means you are very likely to get projects at far more affordable rates in the winter than in the summer.   Getting your interior paint out of the way in the winter will allow you more free time to enjoy with your family and also leave you with money to spend on other home improvement projects.

Fixing plumbing and pipe leaks –  Another project that is essential is fixing your plumbing and pipes. Effective foam insulation should be wrapped around the exterior pipes whenever you suspect temperatures to dip below 32 degrees. Also, take care of your interior pipes; the weather may get cold enough for the attics, crawl spaces, and basements to freeze up.  Not bothering with this means that you could face the infuriating problem of flooding due to burst pipes during winter.

Taking care of your roof and gutters  –  If you have a history of heavy leaves building up on your roofs and in your gutters, then it is important that you tend to it before it becomes an issue.  Installing a gutter guard system before the autumn season starts or at a time when the leaves are not yet falling. The gutter guard will allow rain to flow into the gutters and the guards on your gutters to avoid the debris from getting clogged.

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